Bratwurst Sausage – Enjoy a German Tradition

Bratwurst Sausage – Enjoy a German Tradition

Bratwurst sausage is gluten free and they are among the best traditions to enjoy in terms of food. It originated in Germany and it’s enjoyed around the world. These sausages can be found in and around the U.S. wherever German people can be found, especially in Wisconsin. They have a variety of sausages available and they are a perfect addition to many meals and even some special occasions. Popular recipes include Applewood Smoked Bratwurst, Beef & Pork Bratwurst and traditional German Bratwurst. The sausages are often filled with either pork, veal or beef and they can be purchased precooked or raw, depending on what you prefer. These sausages have been around since the 13th century which is why there are so many varieties available.

The History of the Bratwurst Sausage

These popular bratwurst sausages were first seen in Germany and have since then been available around the world. There are various types of sausages available, each of them having different sizes, tastes and textures. These sausages are perfect when prepared as a simple snack or they can be enjoyed as a gourmet meal at a restaurant. Worldwide there are more than 40 different varieties of the sausage available and in Germany, each region has its own unique recipe. In the United States, you will find the sausages in areas where German-speaking people resided, especially in Wisconsin. Here you can enjoy these sausages like you would a hot dog or you can go a bit further and enjoy it as “beer brat”. This is when the sausage is poached in beer prior to being grilled over charcoal. It’s a delicious way to enjoy a traditional bratwurst sausage. This tradition was started in the 1920s and has even become very popular at various US sports stadiums.

If you are looking for a delicious Bratwurst that captures real authentic German taste; then our original Bratwurst is just what you are looking for. At Boulder Sausage we use a world-famous recipe that comes directly from Sheboygan, Wisconsin to deliver the best in taste.
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Enjoying the Bratwurst Sausages

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Bratwurst Sausage – Enjoy a German Tradition

There are many ways to enjoy bratwurst sausages and they can be perfectly paired with various other foods such as mashed potatoes and gravy or even French fries. A popular way to enjoy a bratwurst sausage is with traditional bread called broetchen. This is especially popular in Germany, where this tradition originated. Another popular idea is to add spicy German mustard for a traditional touch. In the USA, the sausages are also enjoyed with salads or as ingredients in other meals. When preparing the sausages, you can also choose specific cooking methods that are used in Germany as well as specific seasonings that are used with these sausages. Coburger bratwurst is made from 20% beef with seasonings that include pepper, salt and nutmeg. The sausages are about 10 inches in length and they are traditionally grilled and served with the bread roll. Another favorite is the Rote Wurst, especially popular in Germany, and they are made from a mixture of finely ground bacon and pork. It has a very spicy taste and they are usually fried in a pan. These are just some of the alternatives that you can use when preparing the sausages, especially if you prepare them at home.





How the Bratwurst Sausage is Served

If you choose to buy Boulder Sausage’s bratwurst sausage, you will benefit from the fact that they take less time to prepare and that they can be made quickly as a snack on their own. If you want to have a more traditional meal, you can buy one of our delicious sausages and prepare them according to various recipes. You can also choose to prepare them as the Germans traditionally did – for example with broetchen bread. Links can simply be grilled until they are brown and then eaten with mashed potatoes, French fries or even a salad. Precooked sausages are commonly found in many shops as they are simple to prepare. Raw bratwurst will need to be prepared as they are not precooked. It is important to remember that since they are pink inside, you need to cook them until they are completely done. A great way to prepare them is to cook them in hot water first before grilling them in a pan. Another popular way to enjoy a bratwurst sandwich is at a sporting event. They are a very popular snack among sports fans while attending a game, sometimes even more popular than traditional hot dogs. In Wisconsin, the Miller Park Stadium is currently the only place where people buy more bratwurst than hot dogs. You can also enjoy the Brat Fest that is held every year during Memorial weekend in Wisconsin. This is also the world’s largest bratwurst festival. The sausages can be enjoyed in various restaurants around the US as a gourmet meal, while at the same time it can be enjoyed at sports stadiums and even at roadside food carts. You can also add them as part of the gift box or even a snack platter, or you can try out some famous recipes like the Oktoberfest Bratwurst Special or Munich Weisswurst.

Buying Bratwurst Sausage Online

When it comes to finding the perfect bratwurst sausage, it helps to shop online as this is a great way to choose from a variety of options and benefit from delivery to your door. You can also use a free sausage coupon and benefit from even more discounts. Buying online means that you can compare different options until you find perfect sausage for new recipes that you want to try out.

Bratwurst Sausage – Enjoy a German Tradition