German Sausages

Just one taste of our German sausages and you will swear they came right from Germany. Our delicious German sausage will awaken the senses with its blend of all natural herbs and spices. At Boulder Sausage we use a world-famous German recipe that is filled with flavors. With premium cuts of premium lean pork, we have perfected one of the world’s most beloved sausage recipes.

Our boldly seasoned German sausages can be served on their own or as part of a hearty dinner meal. You will notice a truly authentic German flavor highlighted with garlic and black pepper for a taste that will enlighten the senses. We use only all natural, top-quality spices in our German sausages. The spice blend that we used in these German sausages contains no MSG, preservatives or artificial enhancers of any kind; so you only taste our fresh lightly chopped pork and nothing else. With our unique blend of all natural spices you will get the flavors you want and nothing else.

Low in carbohydrates and high in protein, our delicious German sausage is an enticing meat you can feel good about eating and good about serving. Our German sausage contains only the best finely chopped pork meat in every service. We only use pork shoulder and never use any fatty or substandard cuts of meat in our sausages. With our sausages you enjoy only lean meats, and a blend of pork that never contains any extra water or pork syrup so you are only tasting the flavors of our meats and natural spices with every bite you take of this German treat.

At Boulder Sausage we only sell our German sausage fresh and never frozen so you will always get fresh taste. Our sausages are packed inside all natural casings that will enhance the taste of our sausage. Just one bite of our authentic German sausage and you will see why our sausages are unlike any other.