Welcome to the Boulder Sausage family

We believe our customers place a high priority on preparing and serving healthier options to their valued family and friends.

    We are committed to providing our customers with bacon and sausage that tastes great and is healthier too. Obesity and diabetes are major and growing health issues in our country. Consumers today want a system of balance, emphasizing the value of meat, milk, grain, bread, vegetables and fruits. Meat offers concentrated sources of protein, vitamins, minerals and wholesome healthy fats. Consumers want products that don’t contain any chemicals or artificial ingredients. We do not use any chemicals or artificial ingredients in our process to enhance our shelf life or the taste of our products. We choose to make a fresh product for our consumers.

    We believe bacon and sausage can be healthier and taste great.

    Traditional, real food allows us both the gift of nourishment and the gift of pleasure. Taste is an important factor for what we choose to have in our diet. If you look at the ingredients label for a processed, packaged food, chances are you won’t have a clue what some of the ingredients are. The proof is in the packaging. Read the label on our packages and you will find that you can pronounce every ingredient on the list. We use only natural ingredients like spices, the leanest cuts of pork and we don’t add any type of fillers. We leave out nitrates, nitrites, MSG and added fat because we feel those qualities do not fit in our premium products.

    We believe we should treat our customers like they are part of our own family.

    Serving healthy options to our own family is very important to us. If it isn’t good enough for our family, it isn’t good enough for yours. We know consumers are concerned about the antibiotics used in meat today. Although the amounts are small and there’s controversy about whether or not they’re harmful, their presence alone is disturbing to many -- especially parents of small children. That’s why we offer Antibiotic Free Boulder Sausage brand sausage and bacon

    We believe our employees are our greatest asset.

    We know our employees are what make the business run. We work diligently to provide quality benefits, learning and growth opportunities, profit sharing and so much more. Without our employees there would be no Boulder Sausage.

    Taste the Difference Quality Makes

    • 100% lean pork shoulder only—never any fatty, substandard cuts of meat
    • Natural, premium spices—no MSG, preservatives or artificial flavor enhancers of any kind
    • No water added
    • All-natural casings, for that perfect snap and real sausage flavor when you take a bite
    • Always sold fresh, never frozen!

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Certified Gluten Free

We are pleased to announce that Boulder Sausage has been granted gluten-free certification by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO)…

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A BBB Accredited Business since 08/15/2013. BBB has determined that Boulder Sausage Inc meets BBB accreditation standards…

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not absolutely thrilled with your purchase from Boulder Sausage, for any reason at all, we’ll cheerfully replace your purchase or refund your money, whichever you prefer.

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